About Us

Our Mission
At Sandstone Congregational Church, our vision statement is “Modeling Christ’s Love.” Sandstone is a place to hear God’s Good News and discover personally the transforming love and grace of God.  We are people who believe God is faithful and involved. We see God answering prayer, changing hearts, guiding choices, renewing relationships and showing us the Kingdom of God as we work to make a difference in our communities and the world. Sandstone Congregational Church is a place of joy, laughter, encouragement and fulfilling service.

Our History
Sandstone belongs to the Congregational Christian Church, but was begun on June 15, 1833 in the Township of Barry, Michigan by Jason Parks.  In January 1835, two years before Michigan became a state, the church was officially chartered as The Congregational Church of Barry. This congregation has been in continuous existence ever since, which makes it among the oldest in Jackson County, and perhaps the earliest Congregational Church in Michigan.

The church was renamed The Sandstone Union Congregational Church in 1869 and the historic church at 200 S. Sandstone Road was built in 1872.

In 2000, growth in the congregation resulted in the need for a larger facility, and in 2004, the congregation finished the new building currently used to worship.